Time & Expense Tracking Software Updated

The folks at PandaWare have released an update to TimeCache, itis Mac OS and Mac OS X time and expense tracking software. The new release is a maintenance release that includes bug fixes and other tweaks. From PandaWare:

While other time tracking software companies are abandoning the Macintosh market, The PandaWare Company is happy to demonstrate its continued support for the Macintosh platform with free updates to TimeCache 5.0 and TimeCache X 5.0.

Now at version 5.0.2, TimeCache provides users of Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X a complete time and expense tracking solution. TimeCache 5.0 works alongside its companion product, TimeCache Data Merger 2.0 (also available in separate versions for Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X) to provide a complete solution for organizations with multiple users.

This update to TimeCache 5.0 addresses bug fixes and interface improvements. Problems with displaying and printing multi-project reports have been fixed. Minor improvements have been made to a number of interface elements, particularly in the OS X version.

You can find more information on the release at PandaWareis Web site. TimeCache is priced at YS$45, and the company offers free trial versions as well.