Time Magazine Spotlights Jonathan Ive As "The Shape Of Things To Come"

What name comes to mind when you think of an influential industrial designer? In an article called "The Shape Of Things To Come," Time magazine mentions none other than Appleis Jonathan Ive. The article briefly describes Iveis rise to vice president of industrial design for Apple, and how he manages to design devices that make people sit up and say oooh and ahhh. From Time:

Given the buzz attached to his name in the hallowed halls of Apple, Jonathan Ive might be expected to be something of an egomaniac. In fact, this shaved-headed, soft-spoken Brit is anything but. The only time youill hear him use the word "I" is when heis naming some of the products he helped make famous: iMac, iBook, iPod.

Yet for all Iveis attempts to give away the credit to a design team he assembled, his fingerprints are all over Appleis five-year-long radical shift in hardware design. When the Cupertino, Calif., computer maker hired Ive in 1992, it was still cranking out beige-box desktops and creaky black plastic PowerBooks. When Steve Jobs appointed Ive vice president of industrial design in 1997, everything changed.

You can read the rest of the article at Timeis Web site.