Time Names G5 & Panther "Gadget Of The Week", Offers Advice For Windows Networks

Time Magazine is featuring both the Power Mac G5 and Panther as the "Gadget of the Week". The author of the article, Wilson Rothman, says that not only is Panther a joy to work with, he also specifically says to Windows users that working with a Mac is easy, and that Apple has gone to great lengths to make it seamless, though it isnit always pain-free. From the article:

Iive said it before, but itis never been more true: Macs and Windows PCs can live in the same house, on the same home network, sharing the same files and even the same hardware, like printers, digital cameras and more. Mac OS 10.3, dubbed "Panther," does tons of things that previous versions of OS X couldnit do, and Iill try to mention some. But first, hereis how the folks from Cupertino are making it even easier for you to work with their longtime Redmond rival.


Bottom line for the Mac users: it only gets better from here on in. Bottom line for Windows people: getting a Mac doesnit mean switching. It just means having a little more fun.

The author also includes some of what he feels are the best features in Panther, as well as some issues encountered with cross-platform networked printing. You can read the full article at Timeis Web site.