Time Names iMac G5 "Gadget of the Week"

The accolades for Appleis new iMac G5 continue to roll in. The newest is from Time magazine, which has named the iMac G5 its Gadget of the Week. The author of the article, Wilson Rothman, talks about the iMac G5is resemblance to the iPod, its performance, the ease with which once can transfer settings and data from a previous Mac, and more. Most importantly, Mr. Rothman calls the iMac G5 a "pretty good deal." From the article:

It has been a good year for Apple. Since the beginning of 2004, Iive discussed GarageBand, AirPort Express and the latest iPod. If you go back 12 months, you can probably even throw in iTunes Music Store, the original G5 and the official release of iChat AV. This isnit favoritism, Iim just impressed. Rather than spend money on its silly "Switch" ad campaign, the company has spent it inventing actual reasons for people to switch from Windows to Mac, not least of all personal style. The iMac G5 is super suave, but itis also a pretty good deal.


One of the big PC trends right now is the "desktop replacement," that is, a notebook with a big screen and a processor meant to be plugged in: they donit get very far on batteries, but as a fully enclosed system with integrated wireless networking, theyire far more convenient around the house. The trouble is, every notebook is more expensive than its similarly powered desktop-PC equivalent. The new iMac is the "desktop replacement" replacement: most of the positive notebook attributes (except, of course, that you wouldnit take it to Starbucks) with a much smaller price tag.

There is much more in the full article at Timeis Web site.