Time Palette Classic Update Released

Trygve Inda has released an update for Time Palette Classic, bringing it to version 4.1. Time Palette is a world time and mapping app with real-time weather conditions and distance calculators. The new version has system changes as well as the added moniker of "Classic" to help distinguish it from Time Palette 5.0. According to Trygve Inda:

Trygve Inda, developer of the premiere world time and mapping tool, Time Palette, today announced the release of Time Palette Classic 4.1.

Time Palette Classic displays the current local time for any city worldwide, renders real-time, maps of the world with correct sun and moon shading, and calculates a wealth of global time, geographic, and astronomical data.

This update addresses changes in worldwide Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) systems and marks a change of name from Time Palette to Time Palette Classic, to differentiate it from the more powerful Time Palette 5.0. This update is free to owners of earlier versions of Time Palette 4.x.

You can find more information about the Time Palette Classic update at the Time Palette web site. Time Palette Classic 4.1 is available for US$19.95.