Time To Vote For The Best Mac Games In uDevGame 2001 Contest

We received a note from Carlos Camacho of iDevGames.com saying that it was time to vote for your favorite Mac games in the uDevGame 2001 contest. iDevGames.com is a Web site dedicated to Mac game development and Mac game developers. uDevGame 2001 is a contest for Mac developers to produce Mac games, and we the Mac gaming public get to choose the best. From iDevGames.com:

The uDevGame contest has been an ambitious project to garner attention for game development on the Macintosh platform. As the first major Macintosh game programming contest, uDevGame 2001 was founded on three principles:

Stimulate the creation of games on the Macintosh by encouraging people to develop new and original games for the platform.

Help in the education of the Macintosh developers, as well as encourage and enhance the interest of those new to the platform.

Draw attention to those that develop unique and exciting games for the Macintosh, as well as help introduce the best and brightest Macintosh game development talent to development houses and publishers alike.

The participants were limited to two months to develop their game entry. Under normal game development, the process of creating games (even shareware games) can take several months, so the developers who managed to meet this challenge deserve our respect. We should also applaud them for their willingness to release the source code to their game entry. iDevGames has been working towards creating various resources which Macintosh game developers can share to create better games and the additional code from this contest will be a boon to all developers.

uDevGame 2001 attracted the attention of industry media from around the world. In addition, the sponsors of uDevGame 2001 have been extremely generous with the total prize pool worth over $4,200 (US). The quality of prizes and support from them has surpassed my wildest dreams.

Now that the submission period has come to an end, the process of selecting the best four games has begun. The link below will take you to the voting page. Public voting ends on September 24, 2001. Before casting your vote, take your time and evaluate each entry. However, donit stop there. Please write to the developer and express your opinion and advice for future refinements of their games.

Once again, Iid like to thank all the staff for helping me get this contest going, my sincere thanks to all of the great sponsors who believe in the Mac platform, the many game players who have downloaded and tested the games, the Macintosh web sites that have covered the progress of the contest, and of course the developers who spent many countless nights trying to perfect their game before the deadline. In closing, if you were on the sideline this year, I look forward to receiving your game entry for uDevGame 2002 and if your company has a passion for the Macintosh like we do, please consider signing up as an official sponsor for uDevGame 2002.

If you havenit tried the games, do so. Most are quite fun and are certainly worth checking out. After you have done so, make sure you vote!