Time Tool Goes Global With OS X

Time Palette has released version 5.0 of its time tool for the Mac. Time Palette 5.0 now has OS X support as well as new features and enhancements. According to Time Palette:

Time Palette version 5.0, the premiere world time tool for Macintosh is now available. With new support for Mac OS X, Time Palette 5.0 includes numerous new features and enhancements. Time Palette displays the current local time for any city worldwide, renders real-time, photo-realistic maps of the world with correct sun-shading, and calculates a wealth of global time, geographic, astronomical and weather data.

Whatis new in Time Palette 5.0:

  • Full native support for OS 8.6+ including OS X.
  • Favorites feature to keep track of frequently used cities.
  • Photo-realistic earth renderings with moonlight and city lights.
  • New User Atlas makes periodic updates far easier.
  • Live display of selected information for each Atlas entry.
  • New Info Panel replaces Events window with a more intuitive interface.
  • Twilight graphs to better display unusual solar conditions near the poles.
  • Alarms panel now supports 12 individual alarms and displays local time.
  • Revised scheduler now supports 6 time zones and elapsed time calculator.
  • Almanac now includes monthly tables of sun and moon information.
  • Almanac displays Local Apparent Sidereal Time for astronomy applications.
  • New Distance panel allows for multiple segment trip planning.
  • Support for newly revised Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) systems
  • Real-time weather reports for thousands of cities.

You can find more information about Time Palette at the Time Palette Web site. Those who registered on or after June 1, 2001 the upgrade is free for download. New registrations are available for US$14.95.