Tiny Mo Kim Is Cute And Smart To Boot!

Soooo, you think you have or know of a smart and talented tot, eh? The tike you know corners the market on cute and defines precociousness. To be sure, your Junior or Princess is as cute as a button and smart as a whip, but youill have to admit that your kid has stiff competition in both departments after watching these videos, which we humbly offer in this installment of A Cool Waste Of Time.

May we present, for you viewing and listening pleasure, Miss Mo Kim, a 3 year old North Korean girl who may rival the Queen of Cute Tikes, Shirley Temple. A high boast, you say? Watch Little Miss Mo belt out an oh-so-cute Korean song as if she studied for years under Ms. Temple her self. Be prepared to be amazed at the precision and musical acuity tiny Mo Kim displays as she taps out a complex tune on a xylophone. Too cute!

Little Miss Kim finishes with flare!

We wish there was more to show, but alas, as Porky Pig use to say, "Th-th-th-thatis all, folks!"

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