Tips And Tutorials For Marathon Posted

Battle Catis Marathon page has been updated to include a new section containing tips and tricks for creating and modifying levels using Anvil and Forge, Bungieis level editors. While not as "high tech" as some of the newer games, Marathon still has an enormous following and ranks as one of the greatest games of all time. According to Battle Cat:

What is the difference between a stock scenario and a total conversion scenario? Iim glad I asked. Lots! Introducing the Anvil Tips department at the Battle Catis Marathon Page. These pages will showcase talented individuals who will show you how to create a customized scenario every step of the way from generalized graphics information to specific instructions in handling the tools and techniques that customize the look and feel of Marathon.

As of now, Hamish Sanderson (the recognized master of the trade) is the featured guru at the Anvil Tips page. Hamish has donated his latest version of EditNotes to the cause and has assisted me in updating this body of knowledge to make it the most up to date collection of his EditNotes and accompanying documentation. I am about two thirds finished on that project and it is about time I invited you in to see what is presently there. This is some pretty valuable stuff for the TC scenario builder as well as some great insight into the guts and gears of the game to anyone interested in Marathon. Also, in an Anvil Tips exclusive, you can read the only HAS authorized online biography of Hamish A. Sanderson! In HASi words it is, "...the most accurate piece of the whole misbegotten venture".

You can find the Battle Catis Marathon page at , just click on the Anvil Tips link in the frame on the left.

For daily news relating to the Anvil Tips page and the rest of the web site go to This is a work in progress so check in often to see what is new!

You are all encouraged to share what you know with others on both the Anvil Tips pages and on the Forge Tips pages. Together we can extend the life of Marathon and have a lot of fun in the process.

If you have not tried Marathon, and especially the wonderful ease and power of Anvil and Forge, check out Battle Catis Marathon page.