Titanium Talk On The Mac Show

In the wake of the recent announcement of Appleis Titanium G4 PowerBook, tonightis Mac Show will feature Brian Simpson, Executive Director of the International Titanium Association. As youill find out, Titanium does more than just house the coolest looking laptop in the world. According to The Mac Show:

OK, we all know the new Powerbooks are made out of Titanium. But do youknow why? Do you know what else can be done to and with Titanium?

Well, the guy with all the answers, Brian Simpson, Executive Director ofthe International Titanium Association will be on The Mac Show to answerall kinds of questions about the latest Wonder Metal from Apple.

On the Tech Tips segment, sponsored by Tech Tool Pro 3, Christian Winter ofMacTank will be the guest. MacTank is a "One Shot Consultant". You callthem up and for a one time fee, theyill solve your problem and guaranteetheir work for 30 days!

Peter Cohen of MacCentral will have all the Game News, Mark Stevens willhave another segment of Mac Media Pro and Co-Host Hilary will have MacBasics and Shawn will finish up his Macworld Expo Best of Show Awards!

You can tune into the Mac Show every Wednesday from 9-11:00PM EST.