Toast 5 To Support DVD Burning On Panasonic Drives

Roxio, makers of the popular CD burning software Toast, has announced that their latest version of Toast, Toast 5 Titanium, will support DVD burning on Panasonicis DVD-RAM/R drives. Allowing users to burn easily burn DVDs, users of Toast 5 Titanium and the Panasonic drive will be able to store and share movies, pictures, and audio files with friends. According to Roxio:

Panasonic and Roxio, Inc., the digital media company and maker of the worldis number one selling CD recording software announced today that Toast? 5 Titanium supports Panasonicis new combination DVD-RAM/R drive. Roxiois comprehensive, all-in-one DVD mastering solution combines with Panasonicis dual-technology drive to provide Mac? users with the flexibility to record to both rewritable DVD discs and write-once DVD-R for General Use discs.

With Toast 5 Titanium, making photo, video and music DVDs with a Panasonic DVD-RAM/R drive is fast and easy. Itis also cost-effective. Offering seven times the capacity of a CD for less than a penny per Megabyte, the removable 4.7GB DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs can store more than 4,700 full-color photos, up to 2 hours of theater-quality videos, 35 hours of MP3 files, or more than 400,000 documents.

By using rewritable DVD-RAM media to store collections of photos and images, they can be edited; deleted and new items can be added using Titanium. The digital photos can then be turned into a photo album, a photo slide show or incorporated into a presentation and stored on DVD-R General discs for distribution to friends and family or business partners.

For video applications, users can store collections of home movies, training films and marketing videos clips on a single 4.7GB DVD-RAM or DVD-R General disc. Roxio authoring software includes an easy-to-use video application that can be used to edit and enhance video clips stored on DVD-RAM media. The hard drive-like random access of DVD-RAM enables users to move to a specific frame or jump back and forth between frames almost instantly, saving valuable editing time. Finalized videos can be stored on DVD-R General media for playback in most DVD players.

Roxio authoring software also includes MP3 capabilities that can be used with the Panasonic DVD-RAM/R drive to create DVDs with more than 700 MP3 songs (personally owned or non -copyrighted music) that can be played on a DVD-ROM drive. MP3 songs can be from analog (phonograph, tape, or microphone) as well as digital sources. For professional-sounding transitions between songs, users can add effects like fade-in, fade-out, and crossfade. With the softwareis MP3 Playlist Editor, users can even manipulate the play order for the MP3s that will be burned to the DVD disc. Integrated sound filtering capabilities can be used to remove the pops, hiss, and clicks often associated with these types of media.

Ideal as a secondary storage solution, the Panasonic combination DVD-RAM/R drive will store, edit and overwrite files on rewritable DVD discs. It also provides the security and sharing capabilities that come with recording to write-once DVD-R General Use discs. The same drive can be used to read CDs as well as DVD-ROMs and DVD videos.

Toast 5 Titanium is available for US$99.95, while the Panasonic drive should be available in the second quarter of 2001 for less than US$1000. You can find more information at the Roxio Web site.