Today Online Rates Tiger a 'Roaring Success'

A review of Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" on the Singapore news site Today Online bears the headline "King of the OS Jungle" and goes on to say that the new operating system is "a roaring success." Writer Rand Miranda runs down the highlights, such as Dashboard, Spotlight, Safari 2.0, Automator and the new version of iChatAV, and notes that Tiger "is about seamless integration. All the applications work with one another and the OS without excessive bloat or too high a demand on memory and processor speed."

Mr. Miranda sums up his thoughts with a little jab at Microsoft: "Apple aptly named the OS 10.4 after a powerful, sleek and beautiful jungle cat rather than a lumbering, clumsy relative of the cow (Longhorn) and it shows." He cites a $248 price for the OS, but thatis because Singapore uses its own dollar; at current conversion rates, that price translates to US$148.