Today's Giveaway - MacLotto & MGL Announce Scrabble Contest

MacLotto has announced a new giveaway with Mac Gameris Ledge. The two sites are giving away Scrabble, one of MacSoftis latest releases. According to MacLotto: and MacGameris Ledge are teaming up to give away iScrabblei today at Two random players of the regular daily game will instantly win iScrabblei, the popular new MacSoft title.

The prizes will be awarded instantly to two entrants of the regular August 30-31, 2000 game session. To enter, a player must simply register (free) and choose six numbers from the Play Card. Users who match drawn numbers later in the day will also win other Macintosh-related prizes, including a new Apple iMac DV+!

Head over to MacLotto for more information and to enter the giveaway.