Tonights Line-up On Mac Help Radio Announced

Mac Help Radio has announced tonights line-up on the Mac internet radio show. Jeff Morgan will be discussing Black & White and other Mac gaming news including the GeForce 4MX in the new PowerMac G4. Also to be discussed is the software bundles that ship with new PowerMacs. According to Mac Help Radio:

I would like to invite you and your readers to listen live tonight at 7-9pm Central to Mac Help Radio.

On tonightis show, Jeff Morgan is our featured guest and will be talking live about bringing Black & White to the Macintosh platform, as well as a few of their other recent games (Red Faction and Summoner.) Jeff will also be with us as we discuss the state of Mac Gaming and the impact of the new Apple announcements of the new iMac G4, and the GeForce 4MX in the new PowerMac G4.

Additionally, weill be talking about the software bundle included in the new PowerMacs, and previewing the software, along with a discussion of what other software might have been good to include with the new PowerMac.

You can find more information about tonights show at the Mac Help Radio Web site.