Tonight's Mac Show Features Mac Using Recording Artist

Itis Wednesday, and that means it is time for another Mac Show. The Mac Show is a weekly QuickTime streaming broadcast in the tradition of a radio talk show. This weekis featured guess is a Mac using recording artist names Laura Doyle. According to the Mac Show:

The Featured Guest on the show this Wednesday will be Laura Doyle, a Vancouver based singer who used Macs to self publish her own very popular CD. Her web site is Shawn describes her as "sounding like "a cross between Enya but with more energy and Sinead OiConnor but with less anger".

The Mac Showis Special Guest this Wednesday is the ever popular "Whatis My Product?" game. You must be in one of the two Chat rooms in order to play and win!

In the Tech Tips segment sponsored by Tech Tool Pro 3, Shawn talks to Steve Mielnicki, Senior Macintosh Systems Analyst for the University of Pittsburghis Computing Services Department. Steve takes care of a bucketload of Macs and weill find out how he manages it.

Peter Cohen of MacCentral will be talking to Bill Roper of Blizzard about their games and in particular, Diablo II: Lords of Destruction. The Mac Show even has a couple of copies of the game to give out!

Make sure you tune in this and every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm PT, 9-11pm ET, for the most fun youill have listening to your Mac! And join in the Chat Rooms on the World Without Borders site at or on the servers on IRC in the #macshowlive Channel.

Youire not going to miss all this, are you?

You can tune in to the Mac Show by hitting its site at 8:00 PM Central (6:00 PM Pacific).