Tonight's Mac Show Focuses On 2000 "Year In Review"

Itis Wednesday, and that means itis time for another Mac Show! The Mac Show is a weekly QuickTime Streaming broadcast in the style of a radio call-in talk show and is hosted by Shawn King. This weekis show will include Mathew Rothenberg of ZDNet and Peter Cohen of MacCentral. They will be talking about MACWORLD Expo San Francisco. According to The Mac Show:

Everyone at The Mac Show hopes that you all had a Happy and joyous Christmas and will have a very Happy New Year in a few more days.

In preparation for the New Year, The Mac Show is having its first ever Year in Review. Joining the Mac Show Gang will be Matthew Rothenberg of ZDNet, Peter Cohen of MacCentral. and the Newsmaker of the Week!

And on next weekis show, Wednesday, January 3rd, The Mac Show will have their 2nd ever "MacLuminaries" Show. Joining Peter Kent, Conference Chair of MACWORLD Expo, will be the five biggest names in the Mac Universe - Andy Ihnatko, David Pogue, Chris Breen, Bob Levitus and Andy Gore.

These guys will tell us what they think of Appleis last six months and where they think the next six months will take us.

Make sure you tune in this and every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm PT, 9-11pm ET, for the most fun youill have listening to your Mac! And join in the Chat Rooms on the World Without Borders site at or on the servers on IRC in the #macshowlive Channel.

Youire not going to miss all this, are you?

You can tune into the show at 8:00 PM CST (6:00 PST) by heading over to The Mac Showis Web site.