Tons Of New Plug-Ins From Sapphire

Sapphire Innovations has released several new plug-ins for Photoshop 6, Painter, Elements, and Freehand. The new effects palettes have several different themes ranging from vector shapes to new brush strokes. According to Sapphire Innovations:

Sapphire Shapes Vol 10 & 11 (for PC/Mac Photoshop (r) 6 and Elements) 2 new volumes of vector shapes released. iSapphire Shapes vol 10 and 11i contain 400 vector shapes each, based on a star/starburst theme for dramatic vector/layer effects.

Sapphire Paper Textures Vol 1 - 6 (PC and Mac textures) 6 volumes released of paper grain textures. Textures for PSP tm on PC and other applications, and graphics applications on the mac. Vol 1-complex, 2-circular, 3-grains, 4-lines, 5-Tiles, 6-Brush Flow

Sapphire Symbols Vol 7 & 8 (for PC/Mac Freehand (r) 9/10) 2 new volumes of symbols released. iSapphire Symbols vol 7 and 8i contain 400 vector symbols each, based on a star/starburst theme, great for web and page design

Sapphire Brushes vol 10 (for PC/Mac Photoshop 6 and elements) 450 new brush strokes for Photoshop - star themed for truly staggering effects.

You can find more information about the Plug-ins from the Sapphire Web site. Shapes Vol. 10 and 11 are available for US$18.00, Paper Textures are US$12.50 each, Symbols Vol 7 and 8 are US$15.00, and Brushes Vol 10 are US$14.00.