Tony Hawk's Web Site Posts Tony Hawk Switch TV Commercial [Updated]

[Update: The commercial referenced below has been pulled from the Birdhouse Skateboard site, and in its place is the following message:

Uhhh...I guess we werenit supposed to post this MPEG yet. Sorry guys, youill have to wait.

Apple did not return our requests for comment.]

Sometimes spheres of influence overlap, as is the interesting case today in what is being billed as a new Apple Switch commercial. It appears at Birdhouse Skateboardsi Web site, the company owned by world famous skateboarder Tony Hawk, and stars Mr. Hawk as himself. Mr. Hawk is a skateboard champion, and has often been credited with turning skateboarding into the mainstream phenomenon that it is today. He also worked with the developers of the Tony Hawk skateboarding video game to produce that software series.

The Switch commercial features Mr. Hawk talking about using his Mac and Final Cut Pro to edit movies of his oldest son skateboarding, as well as production of his companyis professional skateboarding movies. It includes cuts from both kinds of movies interspersed with the typical white background interview with Mr. Hawk.

The curious thing is that the commercial has not been added to Appleis own Switch site as of this writing. It is appearing as the top item on the Birdhouse Skateboards home page with the following text:

Tony Hawk will appear in one of Appleis newest ad campaigns. Look for it on the itubei or see it here first!

You can find more information about the company, Tony Hawk, and this Switch commercial on the Birdhouse Skateboard Web site. An Apple spokesperson was not available to comment on the article.