Tool Available To Save FileMaker Developers Time

ISO Productions has announced the release of the Scriptology Developeris Toolkit for users of FileMaker Pro on both the Mac OS and Windows platforms. With the new Scriptology Developeris Toolkit, FileMaker Pro developers find time-saving resources coupled with professional video instruction. According to ISO Productions:

The four CD-ROM collection includes full working solutions without password protection, time saving resources such as code and layout databases as well as a complete set of tools which can be customized and enhanced while learning the techniques taught using QuickTime Video.

With the use of the Scriptology Developeris Toolkit, anybody developing with FileMaker Pro will immediately increase their value by leveraging the efficiency of a Rapid Development Environment. The training instructs developers on how to "create once" and re-purpose database elements for maximum efficiency. With the resources on CD-ROM, FileMaker Pro users have immediate access to professional video instruction and a reference for instant feature implementation. Professional developers at the recent FileMaker Pro Developer Conference said, "Using these tools for training allows us to increase our hourly development rates."

For a limited time, Scriptology Developeris Toolkit is available for US$399, US$100 off of the regular price of $499. You can find more information at the Scriptology web site.