Tool For Changing Dock Orientation Updated

Austin Shoemaker has updated his handy utility for controlling the layout and positioning of OS Xis Dock, Docking Maneuvers, to version 1.1. Docking Maneuvers allows users to change the location of the Dock from the bottom to either side or the top of the screen, while also allowing users to "pin" the Dock to the left or right, rather than having it centered. According to Mr. Shoemaker:

Docking Maneuvers lets you quickly and easily enable two hidden features of the Dock, orientation and pinning. To add these features, simply lauch Docking Maneuvers, check the features you want, and click Make Changes. When you are prompted, enter an administrator password.

New in Version 1.1

  • International support: Docking Maneuvers automatically detects your lauguage and modifies the appropriate files.

Itis freeware; just let me know what you think: (Austin Shoemaker)

After you have enabled Dock Orientation, you can change it by holding down Control and clicking on the separator in between the left and rights side of the Dock.

From the Orient menu, choose Top, Bottom, Left, or Right.

You access the pinning menu in the same way, except that you may choose from Start, Center, and End. Pinning lets you choose which side of the screen the Dock grows from. For example, you could choose to pin it at Start to emulate the Control Strip.

Docking Maneuvers is available for free. You can find more information at Mr. Shoemakeris Web site.