Tool Helps Make Style Sheets Stylish

Western Civilisation has updated their CSS creation tool, StyleMaster, to version 1.9. StyleMaster allows user to create standard compliant style sheets regardless of platform or browser, allowing web sites to maintain a consistent looks regardless of where they are viewed. According to Western Civilisation:

Western Civilisationannounces the release and immediate availability of Style Master 1.9 andStyle Master Pro 1.9 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and the Macintosh,refining and enhancing the development of cross-browser, standardscompliant cascading style sheets.

Style Master 1.9 is not just a repurposed text editor. Itis built fromthe ground up as a specialized style sheets IDE (integrated developmentenvironment), featuring everything you need to develop, test and deploysophisticated style sheets.

Style Master is as well suited to web developers with little or noexposure to style sheets, as to style sheets experts.

For those starting out with style sheets, Style Master comes with

  • an intuitive interface for editing every aspect of a style sheet, fromthe most basic properties to the most complex @rules, with point andclick simplicity. No syntax or tricky keywords to learn or remember!
  • integrated custom info on every aspect of CSS, just a click away
  • complete, detailed browser compatibility info for all major CSSsupporting browsers, including Netscape 6
  • comprehensive style sheets documentation, including our acclaimedcomplete guide to CSS, and a hands on tutorial covering all of the mostimportant aspects of CSS

      With all these features, Style Master is the ideal way for web developersto get up to speed with this increasingly important web standard. Avoidweeks or even months of frustration, and get style sheets right the firsttime. By the time your demo has expired, youill be right on top of CSS.

      For the established style sheets developer, Style Master is a completedevelopment environment for working with style sheets. Its editors forstatements, @rules and properties arenit toys, but productivityenhancers, ensuring correct syntax, eliminating typos, and helpingdevelop and deploy style sheets more quickly and correctly. Built inbrowser compatibility info ensures you avoid the frustrations of makingyour style sheets work across all browsers.

Style Master is available for US$29. You can find more information at the Western Civilisation web site.