Tool Helps Speed Web Site Performance

Blue Line Studios has updated their Web site optimization tool, WebsiteCompressor, to version 2.3.0. WebsiteCompressor allows users to easily optimize images for picture quality and load time, and even automatically converts PICT files to the Web friendly JPEG format. According to Blue Line Studios:

Blue Line Studios today announced an update of WebsiteCompressor to version 2.3.0.

Fixes include:

  • The bug that caused stripping of formatting within JavaScript code has been fixed.

What WebsiteCompressor is for WYSIWYG-HTML editors sometimes do an awful job when it comes to writing HTML code.

Most programs add lots of characters to format or comment HTML code they generate. Suddenly you got files occupying 65 KB when only 45 KB would accomplish the same.

Although browsers ignore this superfluous data, web servers still have to transmit these bits and bytes, which inevitably adds up to the overall download times.

WebsiteCompressor streamlines your web content.

WebsiteCompressor is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Blue Line Studios Web site.