Toshiba's New 0.85" Drive Is World's Smallest: Guiness Says So

People whoive bought them love the iPod mini because of its variety of colors and its size. Size is key as it is one of the reasons you pay a premium for the iPod mini, which uses Hitachiis 1.8" 4GB Micro-Drive.

What if the iPod mini could be even, mini? It is possible now that Toshiba announced an even smaller drive than Hitachiis 1.8" wonder. In a press release this past January -- about the same time that Apple was introduces the iPod mini -- Toshiba announced it was developing an even smaller drive with capacities similar to those of Hitachiis. When released, the 0.85" micro-drive would be the worldis smallest.

Today, Toshiba has announced the Guinness Book of World Records has validated its new tiny drive as the worldis smallest.

Toshibais new 0.85" Drive

Hitachiis 1.80" Micro Drive

From the Toshiba press release:

Toshibais 0.85-inch HDD, announced in January 2004, is the first hard disk drive to deliver multi-gigabyte data storage in a sub-one-inch form factor. The 0.85-inch measurement refers to the diameter of the magnetic disk to which data is recorded. With initial capacities of 2 to 4 gigabytes (GB) the drive delivers enhanced storage to smaller, lighter, more efficient products, such as mobile phones, digital camcorders and portable storage devices. Toshiba expects to start sampling the drive in summer 2004 and to start mass production in autumn 2004.

"We are very proud that Guinness World Records, one of the worldis most famous organisations, has recognised our 0.85-inch HDD as the worldis smallest," said Kazuyoshi Yamamori, Vice President of Storage Device Division at Toshiba Corporationis Digital Media Network Company. "Toshiba is the global leader in small form factor hard disk drives. Our 1.8-inch HDD opened up exciting new applications and markets, including powerful digital audio players, and we expect the 0.85-inch disk to contribute even more. I look forward to seeing the 0.85-inch drive alongside all the other record breakers and winners in the book."

Thereis more information in the full press release at Toshibais Web site.