Toss ZDNet Some Clicks, Vote In A Mac Vs. PC Poll

Regular Observers will know that we seldom link to Internet polls. They are hardly scientific and almost always pointless. However, in a Quest For Clicks, ZDNet has succeeded in pushing our buttons. The online behemoth has posted a Mac Vs. PC poll that includes a pro-Mac and a pro-PC essay (each on different pages, of course), and we just have to encourage you to go vote for the Mac.

The premise for the poll is which platform should you recommend for visiting aliens (extraterrestrial) to take back home with them. It seems they traveled all this way and are so taken with our "technology" that they have to take some computing goodies back home with them. Kind of funny. The pro-Mac essay from Richard Curtis is pretty balanced, and offers a number of reasons why our aliens should take home a Mac. The pro-PC essay by Mike Hurley, however, contains the usual kinds of garbage we have come to expect from blind PC bigots. For instance:

Ease of use: Sorry, those days are over. Yes, there was a day when Mac was a snap, but Windows is at least [their emphasis] as user-friendly now, and has been since 98SE. Why are there no virii or adware applications for the Mac? Because the user base is so small, itis not worth the effort. Duh.

Oh please. That is so patently untrue it makes us, well, have upset tummies. The Mac essay says it better:

Ease of use: Sure, Windows has gotten a lot more Mac-like in the past few years. Itis gotten easier to use, but the Mac still reigns supreme as the one platform you can install tons of downloadable software on and not worry overmuch about support issues. Software for productivity, Internet tools, OS enhancements, graphics tools, programming, and education. Not to mention some really cool astronomy titles.

Youire darn-tootini! Mr. Hurley also suggests that the only reasons Macs have fewer viruses is that there are fewer leeches writing them because the platform is simply smaller. Again, that is just not all there is to it.

So go vote for the Mac at the bottom of either of these essays. As of this writing, this results stand at:

Mac rules! PC drools! 5188 (40%)
Are they still making Macs? 5305 (41%)
Forget those relics: Linux, baby! 1063 (8%)
Canit we all just love? 1481 (11%)

The Mac is gaining fast, and is just currently 117 votes behind the PC.