Total Remote Control Of Your House With New Script Sets

Perceptive Automation and Ovolab have released a new set of scripts for remotely controlling various functions of a users household. The scrips join together Indigo, an intelligent home control and automation server, and Phlink, a telephony utility. Together, the applications allow a users to control such features as lighting, environmental settings, and appliances. According to Perceptive Automation and Ovolab:

Perceptive Automation and Ovolab today announced the immediate availability of a set of scripts for integrating Indigo, Perceptive Automationis intelligent home control and automation server, with Phlink, Ovolabis versatile telephony product for Mac OS X.

Using Indigo together with Ovolab Phlink, you can have total control over your house from anywhere in the world. Warm up the hot tub from your mobile phone, turn off the lights, and more - thanks to this breakthrough combination of technology from Ovolab and Perceptive Automation.

Ovolab Phlink automatically answers telephone calls and identifies the caller based on Caller ID. The caller can interact with Ovolab Phlink by pressing touch tone key sequences, which in turn trigger actions in Indigo. Indigo then communicates with devices throughout the house by using X10 technology.

Indigo dynamically builds and speaks a menu of options over the phone, based on your home control setup. Through this menu, you can turn devices on and off, brighten or dim lights, and hear the status of devices, including the brightness of light and lamp modules.

Additionally, the dynamic menu allows you to execute Indigo Action Groups, which are macro sequences of homecontrol actions such as lighting scenes.

You can find more information about the script sets at the Perceptive Automation Web site. Indigo is available for US$89.95, while Phlink is available for EUR 99.95.