TransIntl Announces 1GB DDR266 SODIMM For 12" PowerBook G4

As with Appleis iBook, the 12" PowerBook G4 has until recently been limited to 640MB of RAM (128MB built in, plus a 512MB module). That limit has been pushed to 1.1GB (1,152MB) thanks to the 1GB DDR266 SODIMM module from Trans Intl. With the new module, the 12" PowerBook G4 can actually use more RAM than the 15" Titanium PowerBook G4. From Trans Intl:

Trans Intl. today announced the worldwide availability of a 1 Gigabyte (GB) DDR266 (Double Data Rate) memory module for the Apple Powerbook G4 (867 MHz 12 inch model).? Trans 1 Gigabyte (GB) memory module will double this Powerbookis main memory to 1152 Megabytes (MB) of available RAM.

The Apple 12 inch Powerbook (867 MHz G4 Model) has one memory expansion socket for main memory expansion, with 128 MB RAM soldered on the logic board, Trans Intl 1 GB DDR266 memory modules allow the systemis memory to be upgraded up to 1152 Megabytes MB (maximum), which was earlier limited to 640 Megabytes (MB) bringing Apple 12-inch Powerbook memory capacity equal to other Apple Powerbook G4is.

Trans Intl. memory modules conform to Appleis stringent electrical and mechanical design guide lines. The 1GB DDR266 Memory Module operates at a clock rate of 133MHz and transmits data at 266 Mbps.

The 1GB module is available now for $499 from TransIntl. Users of the 17" PowerBook G4 may be interested to know that Trans Intl also sells 1GB modules for the 17" PowerBook, bringing that modelis RAM ceiling up to 2GB.