Transfer One Gig Under The Two Min. Mark

WiebeTech LLC, is now shipping MicroGbTM, a portable mini USB hard drive. MicroGbTM is a USB/USB-2 portable hard drive designed to transfer a gig of data in under two minutes. Storage capacities peak at 48Gb. According to WiebeTech LLC:

WiebeTech LLC, announces today the launch of MicroGbTM, its pocket size, high speed, portable USB 1.1 / 2.0 hard drive storage device. According to WiebeTech founder James Wiebe, this USB /USB-2 drive is capable of transferring a gigabyte of data in less than 90 seconds and has several features which bring new standards of performance, connectivity, size and functionality to an eager marketplace.

MicroGbTM features:

  • MicroGb has a very small footprint, setting a new standard for small size and high capacity
  • MicroGb runs at USB 2.0 speeds, (featuring a transfer rate of 480Mbps), while retaining 100% compatibility with existing USB 1.1 hosts
  • MicroGb works on nearly every computer, because it attaches to any USB port
  • MicroGb features storage capacities from 20Gb to 48Gb
  • MicroGb is ideal for people who want to carry their hard drive with them, wherever they go

You can find more information about the MicroGbTM hard drives at the WiebeTech LLC Web site. MicroGbTM hard drives start at US$279.00.