Trash X Trash Utility For Mac OS X Updated With New Shredding Features

Northern Softworks has released an update to Trash X, the companyis trash can utility for Mac OS X. Trash X is designed to offer additional functionality over Mac OS Xis built in trash can, and the new version offers new features and other improvements. From Northern Softworks:

Northern Softworks today announced the release of version 1.2 of Trash X, its new shareware Trashcan for the Mac OS X desktop.

What is Trash X?

Trash X is a fully functional trashcan for Mac OS X. Extremely simple to use, it functions just like the classic Mac OS Trashcan. It also features numerous functions for the power user. You can use it to instantly delete or shred file and folders without sending them to the trash. You can use it to empty or shred trash only on selected disks. And of course, you can use it just like the trashcan youive always had on your desktop. Trash X is completely safe and it requires no system hacks or Terminal command line voodoo. Place an alias or copy of it on your desktop, in your documents folder, or anywhere else you wish. COOL TIP: Put Trash X in your Finder windows toolbar to have easy access to it in any folder.

Whatis New in Trash X 1.2?

Version 1.2 of Trash X adds the ability to securely erase (shred) the available freespace on disk volumes. It also offers secure deletion (shredding) of files and folders. Items to be shredded are overwritten multiple times and then deleted. This feature makes shredded files extremely difficult to resurrect. Files and folders can be shredded via drag and drop. Trash X can also shred the contents of the trash on all or selected disks instead of just emptying it.

System Requirements: Trash X requires Mac OS X.


  • Attractive, easy to use interface.
  • Easy installation and removal. Can be placed anywhere.
  • Uses no system hacks or Terminal command line voodoo.
  • Simple Drop Box style operation uses very little system resources.
  • Application based for maximum stability.
  • Behaves like the classic trashcan - trashes files and folders, and ejects disks.
  • Drag and Drop shortcuts for immediate deletion of files and folders.
  • Drag and Drop shortcuts to empty trash only on selected disks.
  • Secure deletion (shredding) of files and folders.
  • Securely delete (shred) trash on all or selected disks.
  • Securely erase (shred) freespace on all or selected disks.
  • Built for Mac OS X.
  • Illustrated Documentation.

You can find more information on Trash X at the companyis Web site. The title is priced at US$6.95 as shareware.