Tree House Shipping Beta Version Of DataCrux

Tree House Ideas is shiping a beta version of DataCrux, bringing it to version 1.0b1. DataCrux is a utility designed for storing data in an embedded SQL database. The app features automatic query string generation via property lists. According to Tree House Ideas:

Tree House Ideas has released DataCrux beta 1.

DataCrux is a high-level, open source Cocoa/Objective-C framework that provides Mac OS X developers with an easy way to store application data in an embedded SQL database. No SQL server process runs on the machine -- everything is entirely contained within the framework. The developer does not even have to write SQL query strings, DataCrux generates them automatically on-the-fly based on configuration information stored in a property list.

You can find more information about the DataCrux beta release at the Tree House Ideas Web site. DataCrux is available as freeware.

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