Trek Fans Rejoice! Apple Hosts New Trek Movie Trailer, In QuickTime

Star date: 12.13.02. Write that down. Commit it to memory (be it biological, cybernetic, or completely inorganic). It is the date that Star Trek:Nemesis premiers, and it looks like it could be the best Trek movie yet. It doesnit matter if you are a Star trek fan, you will want to see this if the trailer is any indication.

We did mention the trailer, right?

Appleis QuickTime Movie trailer site is hosting the Star Trek: Nemesis trailer and it is well worth a visit. If you havenit upgraded to QuickTime 5 yet, youill want to now, because the trailer will only run in QuickTime, and only in version 5 and up. There is also a full screen version that is only available to those who have QuickTime 5 Pro.

Thatis not all: after watching the trailer click on over to the official Star Trek:Nemesis Web site for details on the movie and some really excellent Flash screens.