Tri-BACKUP Offers Mac OS X Backups With Bootable CDs

TRI-EDRE has released an update to Tri-BACKUP, the companyis backup utility for Mac OS X. The new version of Tri-BACKUP, 3.04, adds a significant new feature in that it allows one to make a bootable disk out of oneis backup, which in turn makes it easier to restore your system in need. From TRI-EDRE:

Tri-BACKUP is an easy and powerful backup utility for Mac OS X.

A few months ago, Tri-BACKUP was one of the first backup solution available for Mac OS X. Today, we are pleased to announce you that Tri-BACKUP is the first and the only backup application which is able to make a complete and bootable copy of Mac OS X disks.

Thanks to this remarkable new feature, if a problem occurs and damages Mac OS X, it is no longer necessary to entirely reinstall Mac OS X from its installation CDs. Tri-BACKUP is a able, in a very convenient and powerful way, to restore a clean version of these files and go back to a prior disk content, itis that easy.

Tri-BACKUP 3 offers two different modes: "Immediate Actions" (to compare two different folders, or to do easy and immediate backup, synchronizations and restorations) and "Programmed actions" (to schedule repetitive backup and synchronizations). Tri-BACKUP 3 features numerous easy-to-use and powerful options.

Tri-BACKUP 3.04 is free for Tri-BACKUP 3 users. This new version features numerous improvements. The most important one is the ability to create complete backup of Mac OS X and Mac OS Server disks. The copy realized by Tri-BACKUP is bootable. It means that if a crash occurs Tri-BACKUP can be used to restore entirely or partially Mac OS X. Thanks to Tri-BACKUP powerful functions, it is not necessary to entirely reinstall Mac OS X from its installation CD.

Optimizations and new features in version 3.04:

  • Now can create and restore a bootable Mac OS X volume (this needs to login as "root", or user with full permissions).
  • Take in account the date changes by one or two hours of Mac OS X servers, to prevent updating files that have no need to be updated.
  • A report is displayed after each programmed action.
  • New "Backup Browser", in the Tools menu. This window displays the content of the mounted disks, and checks which files are saved, and by which action(s).
  • New "Latest operations" window to display the last files copied or deleted.
  • New option in programmed synchronization settings, to delete (or not) files during a one-way synchronization.
  • New option in programmed backup to exclude Aliases.
  • Numerous other improvements...

Required configuration: Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS 8.6

The software is priced at US$49, and with an upgrade of US$29. The company also offers a free demo. You can find more information on the software at TRI-EDREis Web site.