Tribes 2 PC Gold (Mac Version MIA), Red Faction Movies Hit

Tribes 2 went gold on Monday for the PC. Published by Sierra, Tribes 2 is a game that takes the team arena fighting concept and pushes it out into a whole new genre. Massive landscapes, weather effects, and lightning. Your choice of a wide range of character types to round out your team, from light infantry all the way to heavy infantry. Drivable vehicles. Huge firepower. No Mac version, so far, though Garage Games says they are looking for a new Mac publisher.

In other news, Red Faction is getting closer and closer to completion. To whet our appetites for destruction Volition has released 4 new movies for our enjoyment, so if you have an interest in this title you should definitely go take a look. Red Faction is a game that brings deformable terrain to the first person shooter. Canit find your way out of a maze of corridors? Blow a hole in the wall. Add vehicles into the mix and you have a first person shooter that might be worth focusing on in a hectic and crowded first person market.