Trifinity Releases Updates QuicKalendar With Auto Updating

Trifinity Software has released an update for QuicKalendar, bringing it to version 1.1. QuicKalendar is a calendar utility designed for highlighting the current day on a users desktop. The update features auto updating and new menu options. According to Trifinity Software:

Trinfinity Software released today QuicKalendar 1.1.

QuicKalendar gives quick and easy access to a calendar whenever you need it. You can view the calendar on screen, or print it out to jot down notes and appointments. The QuicKalendar Calendar window resizes from 400 pixels x 250 pixels to full screen. QuicKalendar will print from small to full page calendars.

QuicKalendar is now capable of displaying multiple calendar windows and includes a "Window" menu to allow the user to select one of the open windows and bring it to the front.

The new "Arrange" menu item in the Window Menu allows users to neatly arrange the open windows. The title of each calendar window now includes the month displayed. This is to assist users in finding the correct window in the Window menu.

QuicKalendar now automatically checks to see if there is a newer version available and informs the user if there is one available.

You can find more information about the QuicKalendar update at the Trifinity Software Web site. QuicKalendar 1.1 is available as freeware.