Troi, 24U FileMaker Plug-Ins Get Version 8 Support

24U Software and Troi Automatisering have released updates to their FileMaker plug-ins that offer support for version 8 of the database software, which was made available on Monday.

24U FM Template is a quick-start template for building FileMaker plug-ins. In addition to FileMaker 8 support, version 2.1.1 includes the ability to build plug-ins in Xcode 2.0 and CodeWarrior 9.5. Itis freeware.

24U SimpleHighlight is another piece of freeware that is based on 24U FM Template; it allows for highlighting text and rectangular areas with a user-defined color. In addition to FileMaker 8 support, it also includes Xcode 2.0 and CodeWarrior 9.5 support as well as the ability to ignore character case when highlighting text.

Finally, Troiis URL Plug-In 1.8b1 is a Beta release that has been rewritten for use with FileMaker 7 and 8. The plug-in helps users fill in Internet forms from within FileMaker Pro. This update offers a size limit of 1 Gb per parameter, support for Unicode characters in the function parameters and the ability to get JPEG images directly into a container field.

Anyone who purchased URL Plug-In on or after June 1, 2004 is eligible for a free upgrade to this version. Anyone who bought it before then will have to pay US$19.