Troll Touch Intros iMac Touchscreen

Troll Tech announced the immediate availability of integrated touchscreen systems for Appleis 20 and 24-inch aluminum iMacs on Tuesday. The displays use analog resistive touchscreen technology and support input from a stylus, finger tip, or gloved hand, and do not dramatically alter the appearance of the computer.

20-inch iMac systems with the touchscreen pre-installed are priced at US$2,299 with a 2.0GHz processor, or $2,599 with a 2.4GHz processor. 24-inch iMac systems cost $3,399 for a 2.4GHz model, or $3,899 for a 2.8GHz model.

Troll Tech will also install a touchscreen in customer provided iMacs. The 20-inch upgrade is priced at $1,099, and the 24-inch upgrade costs $1,499.