Turn Your 17" PowerBook Into A Touchscreen

Troll Touch has announced TouchSTAR SlipCOVER 17, an addition to the companyis touchscreen product line that will turn your 17" PowerBook into a touch screen.

The product fits over the screen of your PowerBook (when in operation -- it is not designed to stay on your PowerBook with the lid closed), and plugs into an available USB port. The frame is made from metal, and Troll Touch provides calibration software for calibrating the SlipCOVER screen to your PowerBookis display.

Troll Touch says that additional SlipCOVERs are coming for 12" and 15" PowerBooks, as well as 14" iBooks. 12" iBooks are already available. As of this writing, Troll Touch has not added information on the new SlipCOVER to its Web site, but you can find general information about the product line at Troll Touchis Web site.