Turn Your CD Changer Into A JukeBox

RiverSong InterActive has updated their virtual jukebox software, Title Track Jukebox, to version 2.1. Capable of controlling Sonyis line of 5 to 400 disc CD changers, Title Track Jukebox includes MP3 playback and IR capabilities allowing the program to remotely control stereo receiver equipment. According to RiverSong InterActive:

RiverSong InterActive is pleased to announce the release of TitleTrack Jukebox version 2.1, the Macintosh solution for controlling the Sony line of 5 to 400 disc capacity CD Changers. Now with MP3 playback control, and IR capabilities to control any brand of stereo receiver, TitleTrack Jukebox provides the ultimate Music Management system for your Mac.

TitleTrack Jukebox brings revolutionary new technology to the Mac that enables users to inventory, organize and access their music collections, and to control their entire home stereo systems, in ways never before possible.

Through a unique hardware interface, TitleTrack Jukebox can control up to twelve Sony 5, 50, 100, 200, 300 or 400 disc capacity CD changers, to create powerful yet intuitive new ways to view, control and access oneis entire music CD collection (up to 4,800 CDs!).

TitleTrack Jukebox uses an online database of music information called the CDDB to automatically inventory the CDs in oneis changers, and then displays the artist, title, songlist and other information on each CD. Creating hours and even days of continuous music is as simple as dragging and dropping individual songs or entire CDs into a custom playlist.

MP3 and other sound files can also be dragged and dropped into a playlist, so that a user can effortlessly and seamlessly play those MP3s and other sound files right along with the music from their CDs. A virtually unlimited number of playlists can be created and saved, for any mood or occasion.

In addition to the serial interface for controlling the Sony changers, the TitleTrack Jukebox hardware also includes an IR transmitter for controlling any brand of stereo receiver that includes a remote control. Users can create their own custom onscreen "virtual" remote controls, or link commands to events within the program.

Title Track Jukebox is available for US$289. You can find more information at the Title Track Jukebox Web site.