Turn Your Handspring Visor Into A Digital Camera With New Springboard Module

Handspring has released a new Springboard module that turns your Handspring Visor into a digital camera. The unit is called the eyemodule2, captures still images and short movies. From Handspring:

Handspring, Inc. announced today that it is adding the popular eyemodule2 digital camera to its product line. The eyemodule2 is the latest addition to Handspringis family of Springboard modules. Eyemodule2 provides full VGA imaging capabilities and mini-movies. Handspring is distributing and branding the eyemodule2, which is designed by IDEO.

The eyemodule2 digital camera slides into the Springboard expansion slot on the back of Visor and lets people easily capture and view digital images in color or black and white in a variety of different formats: full VGA resolution images, Palm-sized images and mini-movie video clips. Images can be categorized, annotated and beamed to other Handspring Visors or Palm OS handhelds. After synchronizing with a PC or Macintosh computer, all images are available as JPEG images on the desktop that can be e-mailed to friends and family or printed. Additionally, the included eyecontact software application attaches images to address book entries.

You can find more information on the new unit at Handspringis Web site. Eyemodule2 is priced at US$199.