Turn Your Laptop Into A Location Mixer With Metacoder For Gallery UK

Gallery UK has released a new application for professional audio techs titled Metacorder 1.0. Metacorder is a utility designed for turning a Mac Laptop into a location audio mixer for film and video productions. The application supports up to 20 audio tracks and can be synced to timecode generators and slates. Metacorder also features support for Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools. According to Gallery UK:

Gallery UK today announce imminent availability of Metacorder 1.0, enabling users of CoreAudio hardware such as Digidesign 002 to create a full function audio field recorder on a Powerbook. Although existing Audio hardware is perfect for field recording applications, users have been missing a dedicated software user interface and recorder for the demanding requirements of location sound recording. Metacorder replaces complex DAW software, rich with functions not relevant to field recording, and instead offers vital location-sound specific functionality such as 30 second pre-record, mirroring and metadata entry, all in a very intuitive and easy to use package.

Beyond the simple task of recording multichannel audio into Mono, Poly or Dual Poly Broadcast Wave files, Metacorder allows dual-media recording, automatically writing the same data to 2 drives. Metacorder also features a background mirror which automatically copies recorded files onto slower media such as DVD-Ram as soon as you press stop. MetaCorder can also burn completed soundrolls to DVD-R or CD-R in the background whilst you continue to record.

You can find more information about Metacorder at the Gallery UK Web site. Metacorder 1.0 is available for US$1,795.00.