Turn Your Visor Into A Cordless (Landline) Telephone

So youire sitting there with your visor and you need to make a phone call. Who wants to look up numbers and then have to go through the mucky-muck of actually dialing them? A company called Arkon Networks is betting that you donit and has announced the Parafone Cordless Telephone Springboard for Visor handhelds to help you out. The unit attaches to your Springboard equipped Visor and allows you to make cordless calls from your address book on a landline telephone. From the companyis press release:

Arkon Networks, Inc., today announced that the Parafone Cordless Telephone Springboard(tm) module for the Handspring(tm) Visor(tm) handheld computer, is now commercially available at select Future Shop stores and online at www.palmgear.com, www.futureshop.ca and www.Amazon.com.

The Parafone, combined with the Visor handheld computer provides a simple-to-use telephone interface. Parafone makes it easy to access all the phone numbers stored in a Visor handheld. People can simply highlight an entry in the address book and tap on the dial button to make a call, without searching for a number and then pushing buttons to dial. With the use of the handy Parafone handsfree headset, people can speak on the phone and check their calendar, notes or other information that they have stored on the Visor handheld. Setting up a conference call is also simple to do with the user-friendly interface.

The Handspring Visor is an expandable handheld computer based on the popular Palm operating system and features the Springboard expansion slot. The Parafone module conveniently slides into the back of the Handspring Visor and will provide home users and professionals, reliable, plug-and-play cordless phone access to public switched telephone networks. The Parafone package consists of a Springboard module and a base charging and synchronization cradle. In addition, the Parafone provides customers with an intuitive interface that allows access to advanced services such as caller ID, conference calling and call tracking.

The unit is priced at US$119 (CAN$179). You can find more information on the device at Arkonis Web site, but we found that the siteis navigation system didnit work properly in IE Classic in Mac OS X or OmniWeb 4.0.3 in Mac OS X.