Turn Your iPod Into A Universal Remote And More

Griffin Technology is debuting three new products in San Francisco this week at Macworld. The G4 Audio Breakout cable allows users the ability to connect unpowered speakers to a G4 without using drivers. The PodMate is a device that connects and transforms an iPod into a universal remote for TV or stereo control. The PowerPod auto charger is a battery charger that connects to a car cigarette lighter for portable charging. According to Griffin Technology:

Mac peripheral maker Griffin Technology will be debuting three exciting new products at the MacWorld Expo.

The G4 Audio Breakout cable allows users to use high quality unpowered speakers on their digital audio G4s. Previously, the only compatible speakers that could use the proprietary audio out port were the Apple Pro speakers. Now users can select any pair of unpowered speakers and tap the true power of the G4s built in audio capabilities.

The PodMate is a small device that attaches to the Apple iPod and transforms it into a universal infrared remote. Control virtually any TV, stereo, DVD player or VCR via the iPod. Building upon the ease of use of the iPod, it makes controlling any remote device a snap. The PodMate comes with software to emulate virtually any remote, and additional devices will be added as they become available.

Rounding up the announcements is the PowerPod auto charger for the iPod. Attractively designed and durable, the PowerPod will keep your iPodis battery fully charged while listening to all your favorite tunes on the road.

You can find more information about the new products at the Griffin Technology Web site. The G4 Audio Breakout cable is available for US$25.00, the PodMate has yet to be priced, and the PowerPod is available for US$19.50.