Turn a Laptop Into a More Elegant Weapon For a More Civilized Age

Programmer Ian Anthony has created a handy little utility called MacSaber, which uses a MacBook or MacBook Prois motion sensor to create lightsaber sounds as the laptop owner swings their expensive piece of hardware. It gauges the speed of the swinging to determine the lightsaber movement sounds and senses the acceleration to produce different levels of striking effects.

Anyone who is squeamish about wildly swinging their laptop can simply download the utility and move its window around their Macis screen to get the same effect. Mr. Anthony said on his blog that the MacSaber Beta isnit compatible yet with the motion sensors found in PowerBooks and iBooks. No word on whether or not the final release will feature such functionality.

Unsurprisingly, videos of Mac owners playing with the software have already popped up on YouTube.

Two MacBook Pro owners risk their hardware in this YouTube video

Thanks to Inside Mac Games for the heads-up.