Turning The Steve Ballmer Videos Into Music [Updated]

[Update: Someone has chopped together the "Developer" video whose sounds were used in the compilation of the song in this story. It has been posted at a Mac.com Web site, and we recommend you check it out in addition to downloading the MP3. They are both very entertaining.]

Todayis Cool Waste of Time takes a circuitous route to reach us. Observer Ahnyer Keester let us know about it after seeing it at As The Apple Turns. Andrew Tokuda, who calls himself Digital Droo, has taken sounds from the two Steve Ballmer videos that we have all enjoyed so much.

He took those sounds and turned them into a song, and itis one of the funniest things we have heard in a long time, while also being a pretty darned good tune. The songis principal theme is Mr. Ballmeris chant of "Developer, Developer, Developer, Developer" which makes a good rhythm basis for a song as it turns out. The timing and other aspect of this song are quite good, and we offer a Mac Observer Salute to Digital Droo for doing such a good job. Note that your taste may vary a tad from ours. You can listen to the song at this direct link. You can also check out the rest of the Digital Droois music at his MP3.com Web page.

Thanks to Ahnyer for pointing us to As The Apple Turnis link. :-) If you know of a Cool Waste Of Time, let us know.