Two Designers Claim Apple Has Hired Them For Makeover

Two designers are saying that they have been put under contract to work with Apple on Appleis Web site. Jeffrey Zeldmanis Web site, Jeffrey Zeldman Reports, says that "Mr Douglas Bowman of Stopdesign and Mr Jeffrey Zeldman of Happy Cog Studios" have been put under contract by Apple to give Appleis Web site a makeover. From Mr. Zeldmanis Web site:

Apple, Stopdesign, and Happy Cog
Apple Computer has contracted Mr Douglas Bowman of Stopdesign and Mr Jeffrey Zeldman of Happy Cog Studios to collaborate on a makeover of the companyis well-known site. Weill be working with Messieurs Rand Hill, Douglas Vincent, and Chad Little of Appleis web design team.

If you read even casually, you will know that we hold Apple in high esteem, and will deduce that weire pleased to have landed the gig. Weire equally pleased to be teaming up with the talented Mr Bowman. Itis too early to discuss the nature and details of this design job, but more will be revealed at an appropriate time.

Stopdesign describes itself as "a collection of creative work and thinking capturing the view of a designer and world problem solver," and offers blog posts from Mr. Bowman on the front page. According to the entry from last night, Mr. Bowman says that he and Mr. Zeldman have started a rumor about having been hired by Apple, but then goes on to strongly imply that it is true. He later updated that entry with a note saying that they arenit necessarily talking about a visual redesign, and that the two have been hired as consultants. From Stopdesignis Web site.

No, Iim not moving to New York. Not anytime soon. Though I have considered such a move, and may likely end up there at some point in the future. However…

Jeffrey Zeldman and I quietly start a small rumor that Happy Cog Studios and Stopdesign may begin collaborating immediately on a new project for Apple Computer . We hear talks have been going on between involved parties for months. Additional details of the rumor will remain under lock and key for now. But youire smart. Put the two of us together. You can probably imagine what the project might involve.

Update: To clear up some confusion and speculation, this does not imply a visual redesign is in the works. Happy Cog and Stopdesign will be consulting with the in-house team, providing guidance and a bit of a jump start as they explore the waters of web standards and forward-thinking design.

No one was available at Apple as of press time to offer comment on this story, but Apple typically does not offer comment on such stories in any event. The company also traditionally frowns upon its partners and contractees from making any announcements prior to Apple making said announcement.

You can find more information at Jeffrey Zeldmanis Web site, and the Stopdesign Web site.