Two Free Text Editors From Stone Table Available

Stone Table Software is now shipping two new freeware apps, Cobweb and RTF-to-Styled Text. Cobweb is a HTML text editor designed to work in tandem with Z-Write. RTF-to-Styled Text is a text utility for batch converting text files. Both apps support OS X. According to Stone table Software:

Stone Table Software is pleased to announce the release of two of their freeware products for Mac OS X.

Cobweb is a text-based HTML editor that includes sophisticated features like syntax coloring and table-creation, combined with a simple interface. Cobweb was specifically designed as a companion to STSi top-rated organizational word processor for writers, Z-Write.

Also available is RTF-to-Styled Text for Mac OS X, a simple utility for batch converting Rich Text Format files to standard Macintosh styled text files (compatible with most word processors, including SimpleText, TextEdit, and Z-Write).

You can find more information about Cobweb and RTF-to-Styled Text at the Stone Table Software Web site. Cobweb and RTF-to-Styled Text are available freeware.