Two Neat New Products From Xsense

Xsense Connectivity has released two new products, each pushing the evelope in their respective areas. The first is a 4 Port Gigagit ethernet switch, allowing users to share files at incredible speeds over a network. The second is a high powered 900Mhz cordless mouse. According to Xsense:

Xsense Connectivity, Inc., the leading developer of Macintosh and PC networking products and peripherals, announced today GigaSwitch, the first true 4-port Gigabit Ethernet over copper switch for PCs and Macs for under $1000. Perfect for SMB offices with Gigabit servers; graphics/design houses that transfer large files between their LAN; and departments and businesses with the need for a small, high powered LAN, GigaSwitch uses Gigabit Ethernet technology, which offers the fasted transfer rates available in a LAN.

Xsense?s low-cost GigaSwitch makes owning and utilizing Gigabit Ethernet a practical and cost effective solution without the hassles of mail in any rebates or additional purchases. Also, Xsense provides free technical support for both PC and Mac users via their toll free tech support line.

Along with the ethernet switch, Xsense announced today AeroMouse, the first 900Mhz RF (radio frequency) wireless mouse for Macs and PCs. AeroMouse provides 100% cord free mouse usage without interference from any other objects for a distance of up to 15 feet or more. The included receiver plugs into the computer?s USB port for a completely plug and play wireless mouse.

Unlike competitors? 27Mhz RF wireless mice which are limited by metal and other objects, AeroMouse is not affected by any objects in line of sight or otherwise. Likewise, Xsense?s 8 channel system allows for multiple RF products to be used at the same time in same room without fear of interference.

Other AeroMouse unique features include two-button programmable buttons; a scrolling wheel for automatic web pages and office documents; and an "auto sleep" feature, which activates after 5 minutes of non-use to save battery life.

The AeroMouse will be available in October for US$59, while the 4 Port Gigabit Ethernet switch will be available in November for US$999. You can find more information at the Xsense Connectivity web site.