Two New FireWire Products Released

FireWire Depot has added two new FireWire products to their line. The 6 port hub, and the 3 port PCI card, allows users to get the most out of FireWire based perhipherals. According to FireWire Depot:

FireWire Depot is working with a new partner company, Procomp Informatics, and we are currently offering two of their fine products:

6 Port FireWire Hub/Repeater -- $89.00

3 Port Low-Profile FireWire PCI Host Adapter card -- $64.00

Like all the products we carry, these products are cross-platform compatible and come in full retail packaging.

We continue to carry our existing product lines, and will we will be unveiling some new products later this month including:

  • a newly designed 2.5" FireWire only hard disk enclosure
  • a 2.5" combination FireWire/USB hard disk enclosure

You can find more information at the FireWire Depot web site.

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