Two New Handy Handhelds From Handspring

Handspring, Inc. has released two new handheld computers in the Visor family, Visor Pro and Visor Neo. Visor Pro is designed for the business professional with large storage needs, while the Visor Neo is aimed at the entry-level handheld user. According to Handspring, Inc.:

Handspring, Inc. today introduced two additions to its Visor family of handheld computers, Visor Pro and Visor Neo. Visor Pro is a rechargeable, expandable handheld with 16MB of memory - twice the storage capacity of other Palm OS handhelds. Fifty percent faster than Visor Deluxe, Visor Neo is Handspringis new entry-level, high performance Visor in bright, colorful casings at a great value price. Both of the new models feature the Springboard expansion slot, to take advantage of the many additional capabilities offered by Springboard modules.

Visor Pro and Visor Neo With 16MB of memory and a Dragonball VZ processor, Visor Pro is a fast and powerful handheld computer with incredible storage capacity for business and personal applications, such as large multimedia files, databases, company documents, and digital images. Available in silver for a conservative yet stylish look, Visor Pro has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that charges right in the cradle. Certain Springboard modules may also be recharged by the cradle when inserted into Visor Prois Springboard expansion slot. The Silent Alarm features a blinking LED, which is helpful for settings where an audible alarm might disturb others.

Visor Neo is Handspringis new entry-level, high performance Visor that is 50 percent faster than Visor Deluxe. It comes in a choice of three distinctive new colors: smoke, red and blue. It has the same Dragonball VZ processor as the high-end Visors and 8MB of memory and runs on two AAA alkaline batteries. Visor Neo is ideal for first time buyers and those looking to upgrade from a 2MB or older handheld computer. Both Visor Pro and Visor Neo are immediately available in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Colors, models, pricing and availability may vary in each country.

Handspring Visor Pro and Visor Neo use the fastest Palm OS processor, the Motorola Dragonball VZ, providing instant access to information. It is ideal for memory-intensive applications, such as searching large databases and playing games. Visor Pro and Visor Neo have backlit monochrome screens, supporting 4-bit grayscale (16 shades of gray) with sharp, crisp graphics. Both also offer the Fast Lookup feature, first introduced with Visor Edge, so that people can access contact information more quickly and with one hand using the application buttons instead of the stylus. Visor Pro and Visor Neo include all the basic features of the Visor line of products, such as enhanced applications, USB support, and Mac OS compatibility out of the box.

Visor Pro and Visor Neo feature the Springboard plug-and-play expansion slot. Unlike most other handheld expansion technologies, there are many Springboard solutions already available that bring a wide variety of capabilities to the Visor family. A few examples of the more than 60 Springboard modules include the Xircom SpringPort Wireless Ethernet module, the Audible Advisor that offers spoken content from newspapers, books and many other sources, the Magellan GPS Companion, Margi Systemis Presenter-to-Go that brings presentation capabilities to Visor handhelds, and the Innogear MiniJam MP3 player. Two Springboard modules enable Compact Flash and SmartMedia cards to be used in the Springboard slot, and similar modules for Secure Digital and Memory Stick will be introduced later this year. All Springboard modules are truly plug-and-play and immediately work without installing external drivers or software.

You can find more information about the new Visor models at the Handspring Web site. The Visor Neo is available for US$199.00, and the Visor Pro is available for US$299.00.