Two Shareware Games Available

IMROM Software has released has released two new shareware games, Russian Roulette and NetFungus. NetFungus is a network based strategy game, while Russian Roulette is, well, a very interesting piece of software. According to IMROM Software:

NetFungus is a networkable board-game-like strategy game, and can be played on GameRanger, where it is currently very popular, or on an AppleTalk network. It is a complete rewriting of Fungus, an old Macintosh game. The goal is to capture enemy fungi by spreading out and surrounding them. Itis sort of like Othello, with Tetris pieces.

NetFungus can be played by two players over the internet, or by up to four players at one Mac. NetFungus is freeware.

In Russain Roulette, one chamber has a bullet, the others are empty. You spin the cylinder, point it at your head, and pull the trigger. Itis a sick game played by desperate people.

In this computer version of it, you donit die if you lose. However, your Mac crashes.

To make it more fun, open some important documents, trash the origional files, and play Russian Roulette. That way, the documents will only be in RAM, and will be lost if your Mac crashes.

For obvious reasons, Russian Roulette will not be Carbonized. Russian Roulette is freeware.

Both of these titles are available for free. You can find more information at the IMROM Software Web site.