Two Utilities Updated

Chaotic Software has updated two of their popular utilities, Mac Army Knife and FlavorSavers. Mac Army Knife allows multiple file formats to be easily opened, while FlavorSavers is a screen saver application. According to Chaotic Software:

FlavorSavers 2.0.2 change history:

  • Improved compatibility with MacOS 8.6.
  • Re-compiled with the latest Powerplant; fixes Textfield drawing bug, etc.
  • Updated the documentation.

Description for those unfamiliar with FlavorSavers:

FlavorSavers is the Macis ultimate screensaver package, saving its screen from phosphor burn-in as well as providing entertainment and security. FlavorSavers is application based, so it provides a very stable environment for your Macintosh, and is fully compatible with all current Mac OS releases (8.0 or later).

Mac Army Knife 2.0 change history:

  • The new Date File Renamer tool allows renaming of files based on their modification or creation dates.
  • Added warnings about large groups of files to destructive/irreversible processes, such as File Renamers, Strippers, etc.
  • The ADB Device List now allows you to flash the LEDs on any keyboard device selected in the list.
  • The new Change Keyboard LED State dialog allows changing of the state of the LEDs on all plugged-in USB keyboards.
  • The new StopWatch window acts as a simple stop watch for timing anything.
  • The new EggTimer window acts as a countdown timer with a variety of notifications and options on expiration.
  • The new DNS Lookup tool allows you to do Domain Name searches for IP addresses and vice versa.
  • The new Value Converter window allows you to change any value into any other. It has advanced bit shifting operations and much more!
  • Updated the icon.
  • Process Manager now has a spiffed up processes table, with better keyboard navigation, and hitting return/enter causes a "Get Info" dialog to appear for selected processes. The Delete key will kill all selected processes. The new button "Kill & Trash" will stop the process, and place the application in the trash for easy deletion. The manager also now has a "Background Only" checkbox that shows only processes that have the "Only Background" bit set.
  • The Process Manager Get Information dialogs now have "Quit" and "Reveal In Finder" buttons, more process information (such as Start Time, Running Time, etc.), time information is now displayed in ticks and in days/hours/minutes/seconds, only changing information is now updated for better performance and less flicker, and the full process path is displayed.
  • The Quick Suck window now uses mono-spaced font iMonaco 9i for the Text in Quick Suck Window, and has undo support for the URL Edit field.
  • The Multiple File Changer has a resizer bar so you can make the Files Changed table much larger to help view the files that were actually modified, and also has the ability to change the text of the vers 1 and 2 resources.
  • Code cleanup and modification in preparation for Mac OS X.
  • Uses new version of PowerPlant for bug fixes and better performance.

Description for those unfamiliar with Mac Army Knife:

Mac Army Knife is meant to be a "catch all" for mini-utilities and tidbits that other apps donit do.

Mac Army Knife is available for US$20, while FlavorSavers is available for US$24.95. You can find more information at the Chaotic Software web site.